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At spruce we are concerned about the negative impacts that the textiles/design industries have around the world. We want to ensure that there is minimal waste from the products we create, that we source materials as locally as possible, and that we source materials second hand where possible.

We aim to create products which are well made and will last a long time, as well as providing instructions on how to best care for your products to ensure the longest possible lifecycle for what you have bought.

About Us

Becca Laiman

store owner

As some of you may know, we had to close our physical store in Mosgiel in December of 2018. Mum went on to create her own label called Knit n' Tuck so that she could continue to sell her knitting through other outlets.

As all of the physical stores selling our creations are no longer operating we have decided to team up and create an online store to sell through.

Mum and I both consider ourselves “jacks of all trades” (and possibly masters of none!) so you will find an interesting variety of items in our store. Everything we sell is made to last by our hands.


Becca's love for creating took her to the Otago Polytechnic School of Art where she majored in Textiles. After working full time for a year she then went on to train as a secondary teacher, teaching in Auckland and Dunedin in a variety of Technology curriculum subjects. Taking maternity leave to have her first baby seemed like a good time to take a side step away from teaching and have a go at putting her own designs out into the world.

Now with three young boys she works part-time as a Steiner School Handwork teacher as well as making things from home.

Judith (Knit n' Tuck)

Judith is the kind of person who is busy from the time she gets up in the morning until she goes to bed at night, I have never met anyone else who can get as much in a 24hour period! She has worked as a stay at home mum, had her own florist business, worked in a nursery, been a gardener, made garments as a professional machine knitter. Not to mention all the while looking after children and grandchildren, maintaining her own incredible garden and continuing to make all of her own preserves…the list goes on! Judith is the mastermind behind most of our ideas on how to ensure there is no waste from the items we make, this lady can seriously make something amazing out of what would seem like scraps to anyone else.


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24 Goodall Street Mosgiel

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